Data Page: The Funding of the Irish Domestic Banking System During the Boom

Philip R. Lane Trinity College Dublin and CEPR

February 2015

This page provides the underlying data used in this paper. The appropriate citation is

I am grateful to the staff of the Central Bank of Ireland and the Bundesbank for help with data. I thank Rahul Dewan, Caroline Mehigan, Rogelio Mercado, Tony O'Connor, Jonathan Rice, George Sorgs-Langhan, Iain Snoddy and Clemens Struck for excellent research assistance. I also acknowledge vital research support from the Irish Research Council. Email:

Figures 1-9

These figures draw on the group-level data contained in the annual reports of the individual banks. Group-level data include the operations of overseas units of the domestic banks.

Figures 10-19

These figures draw on the Money and Banking Statistics published by the Central Bank of Ireland. In particular, Tables A4.1 and A4.2 show the assets and liabilities of the resident units of the banks active in the domestic market. Table A4.1 sums across both the local Irish banks and foreign-owned banks active in the domestic market; Table A4.2 shows the data just for the resident units of the local Irish banks.

Figures 20-27

These figures draw on a special data release from the Central Bank of Ireland covering the cross-border funding profile of the local Irish banks.

Figures 28-29

These figures show credit default swap (CDS) 5-year spreads for four local Irish banks (AIB, Bank of Ireland, Anglo Irish Bank and Irish Life and Permanent). Data are obtained via Datastream.

Figure 30 and Table 2

Figure 30 shows holdings by German residents of the bonds issued by the six local Irish banks. Data provided by the Bundesbank, from its Securities Holdings database.

Table 2 shows a set of subordinated bond issues by the local Irish banks. Data sources from Thomson One, Datastream and trade journals (Euroweek, Wall Street Journal).